Key Stage 3 Tutoring

"Hannah made maths fun again." Year 8 student, Gloucestershire

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You will be supported and challenged to be a confident mathematician no matter where you currently are in your learning journey.

I specialise in "doing the basics brilliantly" because I know how important these are to you as you progress through your education. I also make learning fun through my enthusiasm for maths, interactive activities and getting to know how to bring out the best in you.

For this reason we will either focus on a topic of your choice or on learning/practicing the fundamentals of:

You will receive the support you need to get the basics right and iron out any misconceptions you have.

If you need stretching then you will be challenged to explore topics in more depth to gain fluency and a greater understanding of the maths.

In between tutoring classes I can make available practice and recall resources for you to use to embed any new learning. I will give concise and easy to follow instructions on how to use these learning tools.


"Facing an end of year assessment, my daughter needed a confidence boost. Hannah was able to schedule tutoring for her, at short notice, that fitted around her assessment dates. My daughter enjoyed Hannah's friendly but challenging style of tutoring and it was a joy to see her feeling successful with her maths again & the fire in her belly reignited. 

Sara Hargreaves-Brown, Swindon.

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Ages 14 - 18

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